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Marion, thank you very much for sending me a copy of your splendid book. I also greatly appreciate your kind dedication. It was a special pleasure to contribute to your book. I hope that your remarkable book will be a great success.

— Dr. Andrew V. Schally, Nobel Laureate

Hot off the press! Just received my copy of the book Surviving Cancer: Our Voices and Choices which includes my article that details how to find physical and emotional relief using Jin Shin Jyutsu self-healing techniques. I urge you, if you have a close one living with cancer, get this book for them.

— Kerry Kay

The book is visually stunning! The photographs of the cradles are amazing. This compilation is going to be a valuable resource for many individuals who are in the process or have traveled on this cancer journey. I am honored to have played a very small part in the process. Your persistence and fortitude in pursuing the dream of creating this book has been an inspiration to me. You are amazing. Congratulations on the ‘birth’ of the book

— Meryl Marger Picard, PhD, MSW, OTR