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Marion Behr has assembled a wonderful collection of pieces that represent a true “collaboration” among many voices, all of whom have a stake in the treatment of breast cancer. The juxtaposition of these voices is unique to this book, and gives it an alluring rhythm, wherein patient experiences, written from many points of view, stand in counterpoint to reasoned and authoritative medical commentary from health care professionals whose viewpoints are no less varied. As a result, there is something for everyone here—patient, spouse, sibling, child, doctor, nurse—any interested party will find something of interest, and will find it thoughtfully and well-written, regardless of style. The personal pieces are heartfelt, and more importantly, the thoughts submitted by health professionals are superbly crafted, accurate, and at times deeply personal. The book stands as a reflection and a reminder of the tremendous privilege we have as health care professionals in our daily work.

— Kevin R. Fox, M.D.
Medical Director, Rena Rowan Breast Center
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

This book is a great resource. It includes many voices which will help to alleviate the fear factor that paralyzes the African American community.

— Sharyce N. Toppin
Sisters Network of Central New Jersey

"You have a mass." Intellectually, we all know what these words mean, but what happens next? Where do I go? What do I focus on? What about my family, my job, my finances? My future? What treatments do I want? What will I experience? What next?!? Marion Behr has crafted a wonderful collection of knowledge and support to guide anyone through a cancer diagnosis. Under one cover, doctors and nurses provide guidance and answers about cancer diagnoses, treatment and recovery, interspersed with stories and support from those that have been there and gone through it.

Surviving Cancer: Our Voices & Choices wonderfully guides us through both the intellectual and emotional challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Bravo to Marion for bringing these voices together in one location.

— Matthew Pickus
Founder, President (and Mr. January 2008) of 60–Mile Men, Inc

This moving collection of essays, reflections and art work is a magnificent testament to the strength of the human spirit and the courage, resilience and resourcefulness of those facing cancer. Marion Behr has provided us with a useful companion for anyone needing to navigate the turbulent waters of serious illness for themselves or a loved one. Her book provides examples of courage, humor and strategy. Readers are encouraged to transcend the challenges of living, and to make their lives into their own personal works of art.

— Kenneth Gold, M.D.
Chief of Hematology Oncology at Good Samaritan Hospital

"One of the purest examples of humanity is, when faced with catastrophic challenge, we aspire to get busy living with, through and — hopefully — beyond our disease. It is this essential quality, that of self-empowerment and creative spirit, which drives hope and builds community. Marion’s book is a clear example of how cancer survivorship is an art and we all have to make choices to live our best life every step of the way."

— Matthew Zachary
Founder & CEO Stupid Cancer.org

"I am no stranger to cancer, though I have never been a patient. I have spent twenty two years serving cancer’s finest in a large medical oncology/ radiation oncology clinic. Over the years I have witnessed the struggles, fears and then bravery that are born out of this disease. These illustrations and testimonies lovingly bring the reader to the other side of the chair, beam, or scalpel and give a glimpse of that light at the end of the tunnel."

— Susan J. Forslin
Specialist for Lab compliance and Systems
East Bay Partners for Cancer Care CA